Plan For The Future With Confidence

Plan For The Future With Confidence

A Well-Crafted Plan For Your Estate And Legacy

At Frank, Frank & Scherr, LLC, we focus on providing what our clients need while alleviating unnecessary stress and worries over health care and assets. We work directly with individuals in Maryland who are creating wills as well as with family members who are helping elders and relatives with special needs go through the planning process.

The term “estate planning” may refer to the most basic will or something as complex as an array of trusts and other sophisticated asset-protecting methods and tools. Our firm customizes estate planning services to meet clients’ needs and aspirations. We help people understand and draft or update documents, including:

  • A last will and testament, which may be customized to match a person’s intent regarding distribution of assets, beneficiaries, an executor, guardianship of minor children and legacy messages
  • A revocable living trust, designed to maximize both control and protection of assets
  • An advance directive (also known as a living will) to account for a situation when you may be unable to make medical decisions for yourself regarding medical treatments, life support and related topics
  • A power of attorney, to appoint others to manage your finances if you are unable to do so on your own

Our Approach To Estate Planning

We keep in mind at all times that our law practice’s purpose is to improve people’s lives. The needs and best interests of our clients and their families are our inspiration. To this end, we review each person’s situation for unique aspects that may indicate directions to take in estate planning.

We recommend specific tools and help individuals understand how they work and how to maximize their effectiveness. We then work together with clients to draft and formalize the appropriate testamentary documents. Do you already have a will or other documents, perhaps created during a different season of life or while you were living in another state? Now is an ideal time to request a lawyer’s review, before a time of urgent need comes. Is your family facing a crisis after a loved one has become incapacitated? For more than 30 years, our firm has taken the lead in Maryland, skillfully and compassionately helping families through difficult times of transition related to incapacity, long-term care, estate planning and estate administration.

Let Us Know How We Can Help

Frank, Frank & Scherr, LLC, is here to answer your questions and provide the help you are looking for in estate planning, elder law or estate administration. We serve all of Maryland. Call 410-777-8560 or send a message through this website to request a consultation with an attorney at your convenience.