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Plan For The Future With Confidence

The role of an elder law attorney

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2021 | Elder Law

Elder law attorneys can be a valuable asset for Maryland families with older loved ones who need legal help. They can commonly advise on estate planning issues, will updates, designating power of attorney, or even finding a reputable nursing home facility in some situations. There are specific legalities associated with advancing age, and many families need an objective third-party who can offer advise and take legal action when necessary. Here are some ways elder law attorneys can assist families or elder individuals who need legal assistance for any particular matter.

Powers of attorney

One primary function elder law attorneys perform for clients is establishing designated powers of attorney. This assignment can be given to one individual as a durable power of attorney or divided between fiduciary and medical decision-making and responsibilities.

Will and estate plan update

Many elderly people will already have a will as a basic elder law necessity, but it has not been updated. It is good for everyone to evaluate an estate plan annually, and especially those who are at an advanced age if they are still accumulating wealth. Wills can often be contested if not properly witnessed or registered, and it is always best to be assured that assets are protected and allocated properly.


Some families need a guardianship assignment from the court in certain elder healthcare situations. This is common for older or disabled family members who have no children and are incapable of caring for themselves. The designation also always requires input from a Maryland court.

Other ways that an elder law attorney can help a family is arranging their estate to qualify for Medicaid by shifting assets and inspecting nursing homes for elder abuse when a family member is in need of constant medical attention. Elder abuse cases can be particularly difficult legal matters, and families are often not aware of the negligence without a thorough investigation.