Plan For The Future With Confidence

Plan For The Future With Confidence

How to talk to your parents about their estate plan

On Behalf of | May 23, 2023 | Estate planning

While it may be uncomfortable to address topics related to aging, having an open and honest conversation about parents’ estate plans is crucial for Maryland families. Approaching the issue with the right mindset can make it easier for everyone involved.

Why discussing the estate plan is important

Talking to your parents about their estate plan allows them to communicate their desires regarding the distribution of assets, medical decisions and funeral arrangements. By understanding their wishes, you can help ensure that their desires are carried out accurately when the time comes. It also allows them to update their plans, if necessary, to reflect any changes in circumstances or preferences.

Without clear communication about estate planning, the potential for misunderstandings, disagreements and conflicts among family members significantly increases. By discussing their intentions openly, your parents can address any concerns, explain their decisions, and provide clarity to all involved parties.

Conversations about estate planning should also include discussions about long-term care options. Addressing potential medical or nursing care needs enables your parents to make informed decisions about their future. It allows them to designate an attorney-in-fact for healthcare decisions and provide guidance on their preferred type of care, such as in-home assistance or assisted living facilities.

How to approach the conversation

Select a comfortable and relaxed environment for the discussion. Ensure that there are minimal distractions and adequate time available to engage in a meaningful conversation. It may be helpful to schedule a specific time to talk, letting your parents know in advance that you would like to discuss their estate plan.

Begin the conversation by expressing your love, care and concern for your parents. Emphasize that you intend to support and respect their wishes. Reinforce that the discussion is not about your inheritance but about ensuring their peace of mind and honoring their choices.

Encourage your parents to share their thoughts and concerns openly. Engage in active listening, without interrupting or imposing your own opinions. Show empathy and understanding, acknowledging that the topic can be sensitive.

Taking the anxiety out of a difficult conversation

Initiating this conversation may seem daunting, but it is an essential discussion to have sooner rather than later. By addressing this topic respectfully, you can help ensure that you and your parents have a meaningful talk about the family’s future.