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What programs exist to protect elder rights?

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2023 | Elder Law

The law has provisions protecting vulnerable Americans nationwide, including elders or older adults. Time and time again, this group can become the target of various forms of exploitation and abuse. Legal solutions, such as guardianships and powers of attorney, can help protect them. However, some elders do not have the capacity to access these options.

The law has safeguards, securing the welfare of elders regardless of their circumstances. There are assistance programs focused on elder rights, including the following:

  • Elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation prevention program – It aims to prevent all types of elder abuse through spreading awareness and implementing other initiatives. This program also helps make resources accessible to possible abuse victims through various methods, such as the National Center on Elder Abuse.
  • Long-term care ombudsman program – It serves elders who reside in assisted living facilities, ensuring they have dignified lives. This program also advocates for elders, empowering them to share issues concerning their residence, including quality of care and living standards.
  • The state legal assistance development program – This program funds legal aid for elders in the low-income sector, allowing them to get legal counsel and representation for various issues. It also addresses dangerous schemes targeting vulnerable seniors, such as identity theft and investment scams.

These initiatives function nationwide to help seniors exercise their rights.

Protecting elders is a priority

Elders can suffer impairments, affecting them physically and mentally. Sometimes, these victims have no idea when someone is taking advantage of them. The law can protect them from potential incidents of exploitation, but it may require a collaborative effort involving family members, friends and even caretakers. Additionally, these elder assistance programs can ensure victims have what they need to leave an abusive situation and seek justice.