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Plan For The Future With Confidence

Three crucial considerations for aging in place in Maryland

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2024 | Long-term health care

It might keep you up at night, thinking about ways to ensure the best care for your elderly loved one. So, you might be concerned about the ways they can continue to live their life comfortably. While nursing homes and assisted living facilities provide valuable services, they are not the only viable options.

One increasingly popular alternative is the concept of “aging in place.” This is where seniors continue living in their homes or communities as they age. But before deciding on this, there are three crucial factors to consider.

Health status

The first thing you need to consider is your loved one’s current health status and potential needs in the future. If they have complex health problems, it might be hard for them to stay at home as they get older unless professional in-home care services are accessible.

So, you must first understand their health situation thoroughly to ensure that aging in place is feasible and safe.

Financial considerations

Next, you need to evaluate your loved one’s ability to move safely within their home. Depending on their mobility, making certain modifications around the house might be necessary for their safety. These could include installing grab bars in the bathroom or getting a stair lift. You might also need the advice of occupational or physical therapists to understand if these adjustments are right for their needs.

This can get costly. So, it’s essential to consider if aging safely at home is financially practical for your loved one.

Access to support services

In Maryland, there’s a wealth of resources designed to make aging at home a viable option. Among these is the Maryland Department of Aging’s “Community for Life” program. This program offers services designed to make independent living more manageable for seniors. Services include transportation, in-home health care, and others.

You can check the program and assess if it meets your loved one’s requirements and is easily accessible in their locality.

Their best interests in mind

Choosing to age in place is a decision that requires careful thought and planning. Balancing their comfort and safety with the financial implications of these choices can be a complex process. So, it may be beneficial to consult with a legal professional to help navigate these complexities and ensure a decision that aligns with your loved one’s well-being and financial stability.