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Plan For The Future With Confidence

What legal options can be alternatives to guardianship?

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2024 | Estate planning

Managing personal and financial needs can be challenging because of incapacity, often caused by age and various medical conditions. Seniors usually face both, making guardianship a viable option to keep them safe and cared for. However, courts can only consider this legal arrangement as a last resort, recommending other less restrictive setups if applicable.

Many legal options can offer limitations proportionate to the senior’s needs, addressing specific scenarios and requirements. If they are still capable, they can maintain a level of independence by using these alternatives:

  • Arranging advance directives, specifically concerning medical care and treatments
  • Designating a surrogate decisionmaker
  • Acquiring assistive services for personal care and other daily needs
  • Obtaining a power of attorney
  • Setting up financial accounts and availing other services for asset management
  • Arranging support for making decisions or having representative payees

In some cases, an individual can combine these options in an estate plan. Guardianship can be the most appropriate option based on the circumstances. Still, exploring these alternatives before finalizing any arrangements can be beneficial. Less restrictive setups can also benefit seniors, especially if they can still live independently and make decisions for themselves.

Incorporating these features in an estate plan

Depending on the situation, these legal options can make an estate plan more comprehensive and effective without being too limiting. By incorporating them into a single plan, they can work in tandem, addressing needs that may arise during a person’s life, including potential concerns later after they pass on. Although, creating an estate plan can be challenging unless they seek adequate legal counsel. With experienced guidance, the process can run more smoothly, helping the senior make practical and informed decisions independently.